Beedie Development Group’s Vision

105 Keefer Street and 544 Columbia Street


The site would be rezoned from HA-1A (Historic Area) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District in order to build a 13-storey (120feet/36.6m) mixed-used building

The revised proposal for a 13-storey mixed-used building would have:
  • 110 market residential units
  • 25 seniors social housing units on the second floor
  • commercial space on the ground floor
  • floor space ratio (FSR) of 7.04
  • height of 115 ft.
Does this proposal serve the community’s needs?  Does Chinatown need another glass condo?

Chinatown’s Vision

“The future of Chinatown should be a place that tells the history with its physical environment, a place that serves the needs of residents, youth and visitors, and a hub of commercial, social and cultural activities.” (3)

Chinatown Revitalization Program: Chinatown Vision

  • “A Place that Serves the Needs of Residents, Youth and Visitors” (pg. 6, Chinatown Vision)
    • 2011 UBC study identifies that over 3300 Chinese Canadian seniors will likely require income-assisted housing over the next fifteen years
    • Why not have 250 seniors units instead of just 25?


  • A “place for shopping”, and “financial incentives for new businesses” to create a “better environment for investment” and “strengthen…the area’s economic revitalization” (pg. 1, 7, 12, Chinatown Vision)
    • Why not bring back the Chinatown Night Market? 
    • Why not have more businesses like New Town Bakery, Goldstone Restaurant, or Ming Wo?
    • Why not welcome more opportunities for entrepreneurship rooted in Chinese cultures and traditions?


  • A “social and cultural hub not only for the Chinese-Canadian community, but also for Vancouverites who want to learn and experience Chinese-Canadian culture.” (pg 3, Chinatown Vision)

A place for families, for the young and the old, for Chinese and non-Chinese, to further build intergenerational and intercultural dialogues and relationships.


The 105 Keefer site is one of the last large parcels of land in Chinatown, and located at the heart of the neighbourhood.

Which vision do we want for Vancouver’s Chinatown?

Let’s take action now for Chinatown’s tomorrow