Here is an infograph of Chinatown created by Yunfei Xu, a 4th year UBC Geography student, for his cartography (UBC GEOB 472) course.

“In this poster, I marked different district zones around the 105 Keefer site to show the how Chinatown Historic Area District is an entirety. And rezoning of the site would break the entirety of Chinatown Historic Area. Also, heritage property sites and some key representative places are marked inset map zoomed in further. Those sites are around the 105 Keefer site. This is trying to express that it is not a wise decision to build a modern 13-stories apartment in the heart of Chinatown. This site should serve the whole community, instead of a few people without the sense of belonging to Chinatown. The construction may also influences the nearby historic buildings. Furthermore, some data are visualized on the side. Those comparisons of Chinatown and the whole city of Vancouver illustrates how Chinatown neighborhood is unique. And the general urban development is not appreciate in this unique neighborhood. “

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