Chinatown is fighting a heritage battle. You can help.


Go to 105 Keefer’s open house on Tuesday, January 10 and oppose the development. 

Open house details
Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 5 – 8 pm
Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium
50 East Pender Street


Let us know you are coming:

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Vancouver’s Chinatown is a living community created out of struggle, resilience and hope. It is an important part of a larger Vancouver community, as well as Canada as a nation. Recognized as one of the city’s first urban areas, Chinatown is one of Vancouver’s founding neighbourhoods, along with Gastown, Japantown and Strathcona. In 2011, Vancouver’s Chinatown was designated a National Historic Site of Canada. But we need to do more than just have a label.

溫哥華華埠的發展歷程充滿著艱辛、勞苦,另一方面亦富有靭力、希望,才能成為今天這個多姿多采的社區。華埠在溫哥華市,甚至從國家層面來看,都扮演著獨特而重要的角色。華埠與煤氣鎮 (Gastown)、小東京 (Japantown) 和士達孔拿 (Strathcona) 一樣,皆為溫哥華最早建立的社區。溫哥華華埠在 2011 年被加拿大承認為國家歷史遺址可是,單單一個名銜並不足以確保華埠的持續發展

The 105 Keefer site is one of the last large parcels of land in Chinatown and located in the heart of the neighbourhood, adjacent to the Chinatown Memorial Square and neighbouring the Chinese Cultural Centre and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden.  The rezoning would cost Chinatown’s distinct character, as well as opportunities to better fulfill Chinatown’s Vision plan.

奇化街 105 號鄰近華埠悼念廣場及孫中山紀念公園,是華埠所餘無幾的空地。倘若更改其土地用途,華埠將失去既有的文化氣質和社區特色,無法實現大眾對華埠的願景

There are many ways that the 105 Keefer site can be better used to execute the community vision, such as having more senior housing, and more community and cultural space.

如果溫哥華市政府可以用土地買賣或土地交換形式來獲得奇化街 105 號這塊地,就可以善用它來服務大眾,達成願景,例如興建供長者居住的房屋,或者建立更多公共文化空間。



We need to protect this historic heritage site.  And we need to do it now.


Join the movement


  1. We need to support the existing opposition against the rezoning of 105 Keefer that has already been expressed by the Chinatown associations and community stakeholders. (Click herehere and here for more information).請你與我們、華埠各大組織及社區持份者一起發聲,攜手反對奇化街 105 號的更改土地用途申請。(可在這裡,這裡這裡參看詳情。)
  2. We need broad-based support from different generations and all walks of life to show City Councillors that there are thousands of people who care about and value Chinatown, who believe that Vancouver NEEDS Chinatown. 我們需要不同背景和年齡的朋友支持,讓市議員和發展商知道,成千上萬的市民都關心華埠、重視華埠,並深深相信溫哥華需要華埠這個獨特的社區。