We need your help to write a letter to the City of Vancouver about 105 Keefer rezoning application.


Beedie Development has come back with their fourth revision of their rezoning application at 105 Keefer St. They’re not giving up. We shouldn’t either.


February 27 is the last date to write a letter to the City for your comment to be included into the Staff Report for City Council. We need you to write to the City to oppose the development. We can’t let Beedie outdo us. 

To help you get started on your letter to the City, we have created a this simple letter writing tool for you to use accessible here:  https://savechinatownheritage.github.io/105keefer/

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City Letter Submission Details

Due date: Monday, February 27, 2017
Two ways to submit your letter:
1. Use this custom letter generator to help you write and send your letter: https://savechinatownheritage.github.io/105keefer/
2. If you have a letter written, you can submit your comments directly to the City here. You can also submit your comments directly via email to mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca, yan.zeng@vancouver.ca, paul.cheng@vancouver.ca.

Revised rezoning application information: 


Why you should say “No” to 105 Keefer:

  1. Unaffordable for locals – Its proposed market housing will perpetuate affordability crisis in Vancouver
  2. Economic displacement – It will economically displace Vancouver’s most vulnerable citizens and the affordable, culturally appropriate businesses they depend on.
  3. Lack of architectural merit – Architectural design has been rejected by City of Vancouver’s Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee twice, including the current proposal.
  4. Inappropriate use of culturally sensitive site – Located on the Keefer Triangle, the most culturally sensitive area in the neighborhood named #2 on National Trust for Canada Top 10 Most Endangered Sites in 2016.
  5. Height and mass unfit for area – It’s 4X taller and 3.5X denser than the average building in its surrounding area.
  6. Rejected by community – Over 1800 combined signatures opposing proposals to date. Past and current proposals have been rejected by Chinatown Heritage Area Planning Committee, Vancouver Chinatown Revitalization Committee, Building Community Society of Greater Vancouver

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This is urgent. We’re not kidding. We absolutely need you to write to the City to oppose the development to let the City and Beedie know that we’re not interested in the proposal.


We’re counting on you.


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